Apple Watch saves more lives amid pandemic

We’ve read and heard how Apple’s wearable has saved lives across the U.S., and this hasn’t slowed down even with the COVID-19 pandemic.

First, in Kansan Heather Hendershot was notified that her heart rate was 120 BPM as part of the Apple Watch feature. This continued throughout even when symptoms weren’t showing, and Hendershot decided to have it checked, which turned out to be hyperthyroidism.

Apple Watch

In another, Florida man Jason Saucier was being alerted to possible issues with his heart. Then after a few weeks he began feeling unwell and was alerted to an aFib. He then went to an ER and the team mentioned he was very close to having a heart attack.

Apple Watch

Lastly, New York resident George Kometiani underwent a health change as he was overweight, experiencing snoring and knee clicks. He bought an Apple Watch and decided to consistently close his rings each day and taking advantage of the smart devices’ notifications and challenges.

We can expect new features, such as health record types, sleep tracking functions, hearing health changes and more in watchOS 7.