A California native recently credited the Apple Watch for saving his life.

Apple Watch

Ryan McConnaughey was an avid cyclist who would visit Jamul trails. A fateful ride in April led to an accident, and one that changed his life forever. About 40 minutes into the ride, McConnaughey encountered a steep section and crashed into the ground. He ended up on his back and unable to move from the neck down.

At first, Ryan thought about getting his iPhone to call for help, but realized that it was out of reach. However, he realized that he was wearing his Apple Watch, which he then used to command Siri to call a friend. Both parties called 911 and asked for emergency services.

After getting airlifted, Ryan received several surgeries that finally led to the man being a quadriplegic. The California resident then spent a few months at a rehabilitation facility and returned home to Spring Valley.


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