Apple Watch Series 0 placed In ‘Vintage Products’ category

The original Apple Watch is officially declared ‘vintage’ by Apple, six years after the smartwatch debuted.

The first model of the Apple Watch is often called ‘Series 0’ and was released to the public on April 25 with a price tag of $349. Notably, it’s the first Apple wearable that’s been moved to the ‘vintage’ list.

Apple Watch

A year after the original Apple Watch was launched, the Cupertino-based company decided to improve upon the Apple Watch formula and create the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2. Then after another year Apple released the Apple Watch Series 3, which is still in circulation.

Products in the ‘Vintage’ list are those that have passed the 5-year mark in manufacturing age. When it passes the 7-year mark, the product moves on from ‘Vintage’ to ‘Obsolete’.

The Original Apple Watch will have more limited repair and support options under the ‘Vintage’ category. Under the ‘Obsolete’ category, the product won’t have any hardware service options from Authorized Service Providers or Apple technicians.