Apple Watch Series 8’s display will be five percent bigger


A claim made by Ross Young of DSCC and Jeff Pu of Haitong International Securities about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 states that the next smartwatch’s display will be five percent larger.

Apple Watch Series 8’s

Young said last October that the next lineup of Apple Watches will have three displays. A Twitter rumor has led the analyst to suggest that there will be a 1.99 inch display among the Series 8.

Meanwhile, Pu mentioned in an investor’s note that Luxshare is set to be the sole supplier of the 2 inch Apple Watch that’s expected to be shown this year. The ‘high end’ model is more or less the same thing that Young mentioned.

The larger display size rumor coincides with the new watch having flat edges. The design will naturally lead to greater surface area as claimed by both Pu and Young, but all of these things are just speculation at this point.

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