Apple Watch Ultra and Series 8 users report Microphone problems

Apple recently acknowledged Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra microphone issues as reported by users.

The mic in the smartwatch stops responding and causes the apps to produce error messages and stop working completely. The problems spread to trying to call, use Siri, and more. Apple sent out a memo saying how sometimes the mic would not pick up voices for phone calls, voice memos or for Siri functions. In the Noise app, the error message ‘Measurement Suspended’ may also appear as well.

Apple Watch

The mic’s non-responsiveness may start out intermittently, then become unresponsive over time. User reports have spread out from social media to forums online.

As for the fix, Apple says that restarting the device may fix the issue, albeit temporarily. The Cupertino-based company mentions that it’s not a hardware-related concern and that the next watchOS updates will have the corresponding code that eliminates the mic-related problem.