Apple Watch Ultra arrives early for one lucky customer

Redditor ‘playalisticcadillac’ recently posted about his Apple Watch Ultra arriving two days early, with photos that put the smartwatch for everyone to see.

Some of the images posted include a side by side comparison between the previous generation 45mm model and the new Ultra, along with a banana for scale. ‘playalisticcadillac’ also showed viewers the unboxing part and a closer look at the watch hardware. He comments that the new Ultra isn’t as large on a small wrist and that it pairs quite well with a Milanese Loop.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Ultra was sent via AT&T two days earlier before Apple’s official debut. Apple’s newest ‘extreme sports’ watch will be unveiled September 23 and made available online and on Apple Stores. The device is Apple’s largest Watch unit to date and has a rugged build to withstand ‘extreme’ conditions.

In similar news, the Apple Watch Ultra’s product listing shows that it comes with a new braided charger.