Apple Watch Ultra durability test Videos surface online

Social media personalities and YouTubers have begun testing the Apple Watch Ultra’s durability, featuring the device as the subject in their online videos.

YouTube videos are now circulating on the world wide web with the Apple Watch Ultra being tested and torn down in different ways. In particular, the watch’s diving capabilities and crash detection capability.

Apple Watch

DC Rainmaker tested out the Apple Watch Ultra’s diving capabilities, which is rated to be water-resistant on up to 100 meters, as well as the Depth app. The environment was a dive chamber, with data collected as the testing went on. The video shows that after the 130ft limit, the device showed ‘beyond 130 feet’ on the screen and ‘beyond 144 feet’ on the Health app.

In the meantime, TechRax did a standard testing, including its crash detection, drop test and hammer durability. At the end of the day, the Apple Watch Ultra does seem to be more durable than the other Watch models.