Apple Watch video ‘The Device That Saved Me’ revealed

Apple has recently shared a video that shows how the Apple Watch has saved and changed lives for the better during its ‘Time Flies’ event.

The video is now on Apple’s official YouTube channel and is about two minutes long. The footage starts with a story of how an athlete suffering from type 1 diabetes uses her Apple Watch to check insulin levels instead of having to do so manually and ever so often.

The scene shifts to an Apple Watch user who has gotten into shape and was weaned off hypertension and high blood pressure medication with exercise. The last one showed how the wearable saved the life of a 26-year old when it revealed a high heart rate.

The latest Apple Watch Series 6 has new health features such as blood oxygen level detection and improvements in safety, fitness and health aspects. The GPS and Cellular model is priced at $499 while the GPS model is priced at $399.

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