Apple watchOS 7 might have capabilities to detect panic attacks


The next Apple Watch with watchOS 7 will have several mental health features. Jon Prosser, who is a well-known Apple leaker mentioned in a Geared Up podcast, that the new watch will have mental health-related features. 

Apple watchOS 7

watchOS 7 with capabilities to detect panic attacks

He said that the new Apple Watch Series 6 that runs watchOS 7 will have capabilities to detect panic attacks. 

Jon Prosser hopes that Apple will add these new features to the Apple Watch this year. He also added, if it is not this year then it will be in the next year’s models. He said that the watch can take the heart rate and the levels of oxygen and determine if a person is hyperventilating. He also added, saying these watches can identify panic attacks before they happen. 

Prosser says that if the new feature relies on the blood oxygen levels, then Apple has yet to release that version of Apple Watch. He said that Apple might not unveil the new features until fall this year.  

Earlier in April, leaker Max Weinbach and EverythingApplePro shared this rumor that the new Apple Watch will feature mental health capabilities. Although they did not mention the name of the feature at that time, now Jon Prosser names it. 

There have been multiple rumors from Bloomberg and other reliable sources about the new Apple Watch will include health-related features such as sleep tracking.


Samantha Wiley

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