Apple Watch’s Emergency SOS saves lost kayaker in Australia

A kayaking enthusiast from Australia was saved by his Apple Watch’s capability to call for emergency SOS, according to The Daily Mail.

A New South Wales man went out to sea on June 18 with his kayak and encountered turbulence along the way. He was separated from his partner, and his sea craft began to drift in the middle of the ocean. Unable to paddle back, the Australian decided to call for help using his smartwatch’s emergency services function.

Apple Watch’s

Surf Lifesaving NSW responded and began the rescue. The man was taken aboard a rescue helicopter and showed signs of exhaustion and mild hypothermia. However, when they landed in Balmoral the kayaker refused further medical attention. His partner returned to shore safely and they reunited.

The Apple Watch’s emergency calling feature has saved numerous lives, including a cyclist who was hit by a car and a woman who was rescued in the Columbia River.