August 30 activity challenge for Apple Watch focuses on national parks

Apple has set its sights in celebrating the ‘natural wonder of national parks’ by dedicating an Apple Watch Activity Challenge for it.

The challenge is that Apple Watch users will need to complete a 1-mile run, walk, hike or wheelchair workout. These can be done via workouts on the official Apple Watch app, or any 3rd party app that records workouts to Apple’s Health app.

Apple Watch

Apple has set its Challenge Activity to national parks in three consecutive years. In 2019, Apple Watch users could get an achievement for walking, hiking, running or doing wheelchair workouts for 3 miles.

The reward for completing the challenge includes special stickers for use on FaceTime and Messages, and virtual trophies that are displayed in the Achievements section within the Activity app. Apple Watch users will get notified of when the new challenge goes live ahead of time.

The last Apple Watch Activity Challenge took place August 8 and celebrated National Fitness Day in China.