Aura Strap 2 adds Apple Watch water balance, muscle and fat measurements


AURA Devices has announced the launch of Aura Strap 2, an Apple Watch strap that augments the smartwatch’s fitness and health capabilities with several features.

Aura Strap

Aura Strap 2 follows its predecessor and adds notable functions, including body measurement changes for water balance, muscle and fat after a period of exercise. It’s 20% slimmer and 5% narrower to provide a better fit for Apple Watch users. Additionally, the strap has built-in wrist sensors that can read bioelectrical signals and interpret them through the AURA app.

AURA says that the updated design allows single-touch measurements and 16x more data point collection. The metrics are read and the user is given goals and recommendations for optimizing their fitness performances.

The company also announced a new subscription plan- AURA Plus offers monthly nutritional and fitness reports, as well as deeper analysis of fitness content, body composition and more. AURA 2 buyers will get it free for 6 months and get charged $9.99 monthly after that.

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