Apple’s wearable has saved an author’s life after repeated warnings regarding atrial fibrillation.

Apple Watch

Adam Croft, a British author, said he ignored feeling dizzy before going to bed. In an interview with BBC News, Croft mentioned that at one point he said that the ‘world was closing in’. Upon waking up in the morning, Croft was greeted with multiple Apple Watch alerts telling him that he was experiencing atrial fibrillation.

He then rang the NHS’ 111 number and the medical staff recommended that he go to a hospital right away. In Bedford Hospital, Croft underwent two ECG tests and discovered that he has atrial fibrillation. He was given blood thinners and scheduled for a cardioversion procedure to restore regular heart rhythm.

Croft said the condition will happen more and get worse, and that he should look after himself and keep his stress levels down. The ECG app is available on Apple Watch Series 4 and newer.


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