Blood Oxygen detection feature coming to Apple Watch 6

Supply chains have confirmed that the ‘Series 6’ Apple Watch will have blood oxygen detection as a new feature.

The next model of the Apple Watch will have blood oxygen detection as part of its many health sensors. When enabled, this technology and others can help check for heart-related problems.

Apple Watch

ASE Technology has helped develop the feature, and Apple has given the company the green light to work it on the Apple Watch 6. It’s worthy to note that ASE has worked with the Apple Watch since the first model.

Apple Watches have the hardware capability for this feature but it was not enabled until now. Apple’s VP of Technology, Kevin Lynch mentioned that it was the same for the smartwatch’s sleep tracking features.

The Series 6 Apple Watch is expected to be launched late this year. Typically, they’re announced alongside iPhone releases, which Apple says will be delayed.