Jorge Freire Jr., a Brazilian native has recently shared how his Apple Watch saved him from a heart rhythm disorder called tachycardia.

Brazilian Man Saved by Apple Watch 5 After Elevated Heart Rate Notification

Tachycardia is described as a heart disorder where the organ beats faster than normal even when the individual is at rest. Tachycardia normally wouldn’t leave complications or symptoms but there’s a chance that it can lead to cardiac arrest when left untreated.

Brazilian man saved by Apple Watch 5 after elevated heart rate notification

Jorge was alerted by his Apple Watch that said he had a high blood pressure. He tried resting for 30 minutes before checking again, but it was still high. He then knew that it was tachycardia and rushed to the ER. Jorge attributed the smart device as saving his life from possible stroke or heart failure. Attending doctors gave him medication to slow the blood pressure to normal levels.

After he posted the story on Facebook, Apple CEO Tim Cook sent an email, thanking him for the inspiring story.


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