Buy the Apple Watch Series 3 for just $209


Amazon offers discounts on several Apple Watch Series 3 GPS models. The original price of the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS only is $229. However, at Amazon, you will only pay $209 for this model with a 42mm sport band. So, if you wish to buy the Watch Series 3, then you should head towards Amazon. You will save $20!

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 3 has some amazing features. It has an amazing retina display. Now you can see the content that it displays even in the bright light. Like all the Apple watch series 3 this one is also swim-proof. It means now you can go for a swim and record your heartbeat while swimming.


It has the optical heart sensor which records the readings accurately. You can also store your favorite audio content and listen anytime. Thanks to the S3 chip with a dual-core processor it works quickly and quickly performs all tasks.

It has an amazing design. The white sports band looks good on the wrist. The aluminum case also makes it more durable and attractive. So, if you wish to save some money on buying this model of the Apple Watch Series 3, then you should buy it on Amazon. Buy it before the stock ends.

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