‘Call to the Wild’ Latest Apple ad highlights Apple Watch Ultra

A new Apple ad focuses on the ruggedness of its newly launched Apple Watch Ultra.

‘Call to the Wild’ is the latest ad video and is less than a minute long. It starts with a close-up of the watch hardware while a voice describes extreme conditions in the background.

Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch gets hit with moisture, ice, and water waves and comes out relatively unscathed. This directly points to the Apple Watch Ultra’s features, including red night vision, dust resistance, and water resistance.

The Apple Watch Ultra launched alongside the iPhone 14 and features a new and customizable Action button, dual-band GPS, and the most prominent display ever for an Apple Watch.

The device meets certification standards for shock, low temperature, altitude, and vibration, among others. It’s also a depth gauge and is certified to provide accurate dive information.

The Apple Watch Ultra starts at $799 and is available in the US and 40-plus regions worldwide.