Cincinnati woman with deadly blood clot saved by Apple Watch

Cincinnati resident Kimmie Watkins was alerted by her Apple Watch after an extended high heart rate.

Local12 reported that Watkins felt dizzy and lightheaded one day, and took a short nap to alleviate the condition. However, her Apple Watch raised an alarm about an abnormally high heart rate that read 178 BPM. When she went to her doctor for a visit, it was revealed that she experienced a ‘severe and life-threatening’ blood clot known as saddle pulmonary embolism.

Apple Watch

Dr. Richard Becker, cardiologist from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Medicine, said that saddle pulmonary embolism affects both the blood vessels on the left and right lung. He further mentioned that there’s a 50-50 chance of survival for those who experience the blood clot condition.

After the ordeal, Watkins is on blood thinners and working to regain her stamina. She hopes that other people will start wearing smart devices such as the Apple Watch for their health.