Clinics in California Will Start Recording Visits Using Apple Watch

Doctors in California will be using a system in the Apple Watch that allows them to dictate notes and have the health data added to the patient’s medical record.

Altais will make doctors wear Apple Watches on patient visits to save time having to write notes. The system was developed by Blue Shield and Notable Health and uses machine learning to automate some of the process.

Altais CEO Jeff Bailet states that their goal is to have physicians use technology to improve the patient’s health and well-being while simultaneously enhancing professional gratification and reducing administrative hassles.

Apple Watch

Now, doctors can just dictate their notes into the Apple Watch instead of entering details by typing notes. Natural language processing determines the key points as it’s being added to the Apple Watch system.

The service cuts down admin time while ensuring data is accurately captured, and helps patients as well with insurance checks, appointment reminders and health surveys.

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