Columbia River Swimmer uses Apple Watch to Call SOS


A woman who was swimming on the Columbia River used her Apple Watch to get help when she got stuck.

Apple Watch

A report from Dalles, Oregon authorities revealed a woman who was swimming in the Columbia River and found herself in a predicament.

The swimmer’s foot got stuck at the bottom of the river, and because of continual rain and plummeting temperatures she found herself in danger. Luckily, she had her Apple Watch and could call Emergency Services to get rescued.

Reports of a distressed swimmer reached the officers, and authorities soon arrived on site. They discovered the woman to be on the brink of exhaustion and suffering from hypothermia.

Fire department personnel attempted to save the swimmer using a ladder but to no avail. A police officer then made the plunge and freed the woman’s feet in the river. She was soon freed and assisted to the shore, where she received medical attention.

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