Credit given to Apple Watch after discovery of undiagnosed condition

An Apple Watch user gives credit to the smart wearable after it alerted him of unusual heart rate activity, leading to a diagnosis.

Zachary Zies, a 25 yr old Ohio native was notified by his Apple Watch that his resting heart rate was high at 210 bpm. The wheelchair-bound individual was born with Friedreich’s ataxia and unable to use his arms or legs to its full extent.

Zies then went to a hospital, where medical staff advised him to get an atrial ablation. The surgery work and the atrial flutter was corrected. Afterwards, his heart rate went back to normal and experiencing a 90% recovery.

One of Apple Watch’s features is the ‘high heart rate’ notification, which happens when the device detects abnormally high rates within ten minutes of being inactive.

The feature is customizable and can be done by going to the device’s Settings section. Users can go to their iPhone and open the app then choose ‘Heart’ and set both High and Low Heart Rate by BPMs.

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