Early Hands-On Videos for Apple Watch Series 5 Seen on YouTube

A couple of YouTube personalities have early footage of the Apple Watch Series 5 in action, though the official release of the device isn’t until Friday, September 20.

One video shows off an aluminum Watch Series 5 set in a Milanese Loop. Viewers get a preview of how the always-on display works and how it dims when the watch is turned away from the user. The smart light then turns on when it senses the wrist moving up or when the user taps on the display. The video also shows Compass, an exclusive app for the Series 5.

The second video, which originated in Italy shows off the Meridian watch face and the always-on display. It unclear on how these users got the Apple Watch Series 5 early, but it’s likely that they are demo units or that shipping companies made an error in schedule.

Individuals who pre-ordered can expect theirs to come as early as Friday, September 20.

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