ECG feature to arrive in South Korea


Apple has recently announced that its irregular heart rhythm and ECG features will be arriving in South Korea Apple Watch users in the form of updates.

ECG Feature

Once watchOS 7.1 and iOS 14.2 goes live then South Koreans will have access to the feature. A release date has not been set but it’s expected to arrive soon.


In August the ECG feature was approved in the country but it took Apple a few months to get it ready for the public. Currently, ECG is already available in about 50 countries and for the Apple Watch 4 through 6. It allows Apple Watch users to measure their electrical heart activity via the digital crown.

The irregular heart rhythm is an always-on feature that checks for heart rate regularly and sends notifications if the heart undergoes atrial fibrillation.

Both are considered medical diagnostics and as such require regulation approval in countries where they are enabled.

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