ECG feature will have a higher heart rate capacity soon

One of the most anticipated Apple Watch updates is the ECG feature’s ability to work at higher heart rates, which eliminates the need to cool down before checking for atrial fibrillation.

The ECG was added starting in Apple Watch Series 4 and records electrical signals generated by the wearer via two contact points. The app has been credited for saving numerous lives but it was limited to working on lower heart rates.

Before the update the ECG displays an ‘inconclusive’ error when the user has lower than 50 bpm or higher than 120 bpm. Apple applied for a ECG update August this year, potentially expanding the max recognizable bpm to 150.

The new algorithm that comes with the update may not be available in all regions since it required an approval from the FDA. It’s rumored that the US will have it first, then expand to other territories as soon as Apple gets regulation approval.

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