First generation Apple Watch ceramic prototype appears online

New Twitter images of a prototype Apple Watch in ceramic has surfaced recently.

@DongleBookPro uploaded images of the original Apple Watch in a prototype ceramic version. The smartwatch had a ceramic white body and looks every bit like the original except for a marking saying it was a prototype.

Instead of the usual model information or regulatory numbers, the words ‘lorem ipsum’ are etched in. The prototype didn’t have an Apple logo to further cement this fact.

The tweet mentioned that it was created in 2014, a year before the first Apple Watch was released to the public. In comparison, Apple’s latest ceramic smartwatch was the Series 5 model.

@DongleBookPro’s images is the latest in the Apple Watch’s developmental history. Previously in June, an Apple Watch 3 prototype had smart connectors for pairing with smart bands. In the same month, it was revealed that another prototype made the case look like a traditional brick-shaped mobile phone.

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