Future Apple Watch may have COVID-19 detection features

Stanford University has recently launched a study to see if health trackers and wearables can predict a COVID-19 infection before telltale symptoms appear.

It’s a novel predictive approach that’s rumored to be in the works of Apple improvements. An example stated is how the device can measure changes in the body leading to a panic attack and warn the wearer before it can take place.

The Stanford University study will have participants sharing data in the form of oxygen saturation, blood saturation, skin temperature and heart rate to create an algorithm that can spot changes and predict if they’re going to get sick. Incidentally, current Apple Watches do not have these features but new hardware changes can make it possible.

Prior to the study, a research was done to see if physical changes could be monitored to predict infection in early stages. The algorithm was then used to check for COVID-19 symptoms and yielded useful results.

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