Globant, a consultancy company has developed an app that incentivizes healthy lifestyle choices for businesses and its employees, customers or members.

Earn Your Apple Watch

The ‘Earn Your Apple Watch’ app is a reward and recognition program to help clients improve engagement and wellness via Apple Watch feature implementation.

Globant North America Chief Business Officer Fernando Matzkin says that the program is a tool to provide personal insights into a person’s health and wellness. With the app, clients can support their customers’ and employees’ wellness using a personalized tool.

Users get incentives and added motivation to improve their well-being, which adds to positive engagement while bringing down healthcare costs.

Currently, there are two models, the Earn With Apple Watch and Earn Your Apple Watch. Meeting exercise goals and staying active can either go towards a new Apple Watch or discounts and rewards. The program has had a pilot run in London Drugs, a Canada-based retailer that rewards customers by giving them vouchers for completing goals within the app.


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