Google maps arrive on Apple Watch


Google’s web mapping service has returned to watchOS after leaving in 2017. Today, Apple Watch users can download the app again following an update on the App Store.

Apple Watch

Google Maps’ main feature on the Apple Watch is to provide a step-by-step direction to a location and giving estimated time of arrival. On the watch display you’ll be able to see ‘Current Trip’ and saved destinations and shortcuts in Home, Work and others.

Currently, adding a new location is not available on the wearable app. Users are redirected to the iPhone app for this to be completed. The Maps’ watchOS app can set travel mode to walking, public transit, bike and car.

Google Maps’ directions are shown in cards with big icon indicators. The app has haptic support to guide in navigation. Live maps aren’t supported yet. Furthermore, the app relies on your iPhone’s internet connection for a smooth experience.

Google Maps for Apple Watch can be downloaded on the App Store.

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