Hodinkee a Wristwatch website now becomes authorized retailer for Apple Watch


Earlier today the New York watch retailer Hodinkee said that it is now officially an authorized retailer for Apple Watches. The company is well known for its influential watch reviews. Recently the company launched its e-commerce website, the Hodinkee Shop. People can purchase high-end mechanical watches from there.

Apple Watch

As to today, Hodinkee Shop will also sell the Apple Watch Series 5 and a few other Apple watch accessories. Currently, the store only sells the cellular version of the watches. The price at the store is the same as Apple’s original price for the watch. The website has both the Aluminum and Stainless Steel models for sale.

Russell Kelly who is the HODINKEE Chief Commercial Officer said in a statement:

“We are very excited to be an authorized retailer for ‌Apple Watch‌”

He also added that the Apple Watch is a revolutionary product. He said that the watch has functionality that seamlessly integrates with daily life. He also said that Apple positions its shop as a luxury leader among e-commerce platforms.

Hodinkee offers Apple Watch bands such as the Sport Loop, Sport Band, and Milanese Loop bands. It also offers Apple Watch‌ Magnetic Charging Dock. The Apple section of the Hodinkee Shop also has AirPods and AirPods Pro.


Samantha Wiley

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