Huami is selling cloned Series 4 Apple Watches


Chinese manufacturer Huami is selling the Amazfit GTS, which looks exactly like an Apple Watch in terms of face and design.

Apple Watch Clone

Knock-offs of the Apple Watch Series 4 are already out in the market in 6 colors and offering watch faces that are basically Activity Analog and the Infograph Modular. There’s even a low-quality version of the Liquid Metal faces.

Huami Apple Watch Clone

Huami hopes to sell their products as the cheaper version of Apple’s. Parent company Xiaomi has been found guilty several times trying to copy Apple’s software and hardware designs and making it their own.

Apparently, GTS stands for Get The Series 4, and even if these products look similar, they won’t have ECG or any advanced health tracking features.

Apple Watch Clone Colors

Previously, Xiaomi had copied Apple’s Memoji and put the avatars on their operating systems. The China-based company was also caught copying macOS wallpapers and offering them as smartphone backgrounds.


Samantha Wiley

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