Large-Scale Apple Watch effects still ‘Years Away’

The Financial Times recently published an article that the Apple Watch as ‘the future of health’ is still years off due to the non-usage of data and slow medical community acceptance.

Doctors and medical field experts went on to detail the difficulties that come with daily care and the integration of the Apple Watch. They claim that a future where the Apple-branded smartwatch improves the user’s health on a large scale is still far away.

While Apple Watches are collecting data points, doctors are not referencing it. Furthermore, around 99.9 per cent of medical professionals haven’t made use of it yet.

Another pain point is the utilization of data collected by the wearable. Giving people access to the data without any professional care recommendation is deemed insufficient in terms of improving health.

A group of doctors are optimistic that the Apple Watch could lead to better research and patient care. The CDC says that while chronic diseases are healthcare’s leading driver, it’s preventable by early detection, diet and exercise.

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