Leak about new fabric band for Apple Watch surfaces

The Apple Watch will gain a new type of watch band, according to a leak posted online.

The leaker with the tag ‘Kosutami’ posted on Twitter that Apple will release a new Apple Watch band with weaved fabric and a magnetic buckle. He further iterated that the new band will launch alongside the new watch. Attached is what he says is a ‘concept’ photo of what it might look like.

fabric band for Apple Watch

Currently, Apple Watch bands come in eight kinds ranging from stainless steel to leather, and variations such as Nike Sport band and Sport band. The latest high-end model, Apple Watch Ultra, comes in Ocean Band, Trail Loop, and Alpine Loop. Kosutami did not mention whether the new band type is for the Apple Watch Ultra 2 or Apple Watch Series 9.

Kosutami may have a lead in the leaks but it remains to be seen if Apple will reveal a new watch band and when the company will launch the next Apple Watch.