LG buys microLED patents to bag Apple Watch Ultra display contract

LG has reportedly invested in patents that will allow it to produce the microLED display for Apple.

The Elec said that the patents were bought from a Taiwanese company that specializes in a microLED process ‘transfer printing’, including technologies related to VR, AR, HUD, touch control sensing, and sensing. Transfer printing is believed to be a difficult aspect of the production of microLED because the process involves planting extremely small processors in the right positions.

Apple Watch

The small chip size makes execution extremely difficult, and the process has a low yield that leads to greater costs. The purchase of microLED patents mirrors LG’s willingness to help the production of microLED along and gain greater profits.

The first microLED display is believed to be coming to the next-generation Apple Watch Ultra, as per analyst Ross Young. The current Apple Watch Ultra has a standard OLED display, while microLED has many other benefits and improvements.