Long island resident credits Apple Watch for saving his life

The Apple Watch has a few alerts and notification services that guarantee the wearer will get help whenever they need it, something that came in handy for Long Island resident Brandon Schneider.

Schneider was going for an emergency visit to check for an unusual abdominal pain when he fell unconscious at the bathroom and to the floor. The 25 yr old recalled how he didn’t have any recollection of falling to the ground or hitting his head. His Apple Watch’s fall detection feature immediately activated and emergency services soon followed suit.

The CT scans revealed multiple hematomas and a fractured skull, which led to surgery. Schneider woke up 4 days later and credited his Apple Watch to saving his life.

Fall detection is a feature introduced in the Apple Watch Series 4, and is part of a suite of features that monitor mobility, blood oxygen, heart rate and fitness, among others. 

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