Maine woman gets saved by Apple Watch

Apple’s flagship smartwatch has yet again saved a woman’s life from a deadly and undetected health condition.

Kim Durkee, a Maine native said that she recently received a notification that she was experiencing atrial fibrillation. The alert went on for several days, until Durkee said that the data she was seeing were ‘a little too high for comfort’ and decided to go to the emergency room for peace of mind.

Apple Watch

After a check-up doctors found the erratic heartbeat and diagnosed it as a myxoma. The tumor is fast-growing and constricts blood supply leading to the heart, which can lead to a stroke. Durkee said that she knew she was in a-fib because her Apple Watch said so.

The 67-year old then underwent surgery shortly at the Massachusetts General Hospital and had the tumor removed via an open-heart surgery. She then spent 11 days in the hospital en route to recovery.