MiniWiki App for Apple Watch Adds Independent Language and Random Feature


MiniWiki is an unofficial Wikipedia app you can download and install on your Apple Watch. Will Bishop, the app developer has worked with Nano and Chirp for Reddit and Twitter, respectively and has done a good job on both.


A huge update is set for MiniWiki this week, one that’s requested by its users. The 1.1 MiniWiki version has two new features, namely a Language picker and a new Random section for reading on the go.

With Random, you can go on a ‘surprise me’ mode and maybe learn a new thing or two while on your break or on the way to work. This feature can be accessed with just one press of the question mark icon.

Users can also set a different language in their MiniWiki app, one that wouldn’t change the Apple Watch’s language.

MiniWiki is free to download at the App Store for Apple Watch.

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