Missouri Sheriff’s deputy saved by Apple Watch after crash

The Apple Watch has been credited for helping with rescuing a sheriff’s deputy after she experienced a car crash in Missouri.

Benton County Deputy Chasady Botteron was driving home on August 10 when she had a medical event and crashed into a fence. The resulting collision registered on her Apple Watch and triggered its fall detection feature, which then alerted nearby authorities of the accident.

Apple Watch

Botteron was then airlifted to a hospital and examined for a spine injury. According to reports from local news, she is currently undergoing rehabilitation and recovery.

Fall detection is a feature that was introduced in Apple Watch Series 4. It utilizes sensors that can detect severe impact and hard falls and alerts the user that the device has recorded an unusual feedback. If no response is given after 30 seconds even with an audible alarm, the watch automatically contacts emergency services with the wearer’s location.