Muay Thai session and Apple Watch triggers accidental Police visit in Australia

An emergency call was triggered accidentally by a Muay Thai practitioner’s Apple Watch and led to a false alarm. recently shared a story about Jamie Alleyne, a boxing and Muay Thai trainer, and how his Apple Watch triggered a call to 112 in the middle of a training session. His wrist accidentally dialed Digital Crown and a call, and when Siri heard “1-1-2”, the assistant connected to alternative emergency services.

Apple Watch

The responder heard comments ‘nice shot’, immediately followed by loud strike impacts that simulate gunfire. A few minutes later, police came in and chanced upon the confused Muay Thai trainer. The police believed that there was a firefight in a gym, but the situation was diffused immediately.

There are growing reports of accidental calling of Emergency Services in the US, triggered by rollercoaster rides and various other outdoor activities. Crash Detection is a feature introduced in the Apple Watch Series 4 or later.