New Apple Watch Pride bands revealed

Apple will be launching two new Pride Edition bands- the Pride Edition Nike Sport Loop and Pride Edition Braided Solo Loop on May 25.

Pride Edition bands have been around since 2016, and the newer products uses the new Braided Solo design, which accommodates more Pride Flags throughout the LGBTQ+ spectrum, including nonbinary, transgender, Latin and Black communities. A new Nike Sport Loop with traditional Pride colors will appear alongside it, and the two will have corresponding watch faces shortly afterwards.

Apple Watch

An App Clip will be included in the packaging so users can get the new themed watch faces sooner. It shows all the colors of the Pride Edition Solo Loop via animation and when the wrist is moved, while the watch face for the Nike Pride Edition will have rainbow dots instead of the usual clock numbers.

Pre-orders for the new Pride Edition bands begin Monday at the Apple Store website. The Nike Sport Loop is priced at $49 while the Braided Solo Loop is priced at $99.