New Ceramic and Titanium Apple Watch Models Revealed in watchOS 6 Assets


Leaked assets show that Apple may be releasing a new titanium and ceramic Apple Watch. The company has sold ceramic models before, but not on the Series 4. Meanwhile, titanium is a new take on materials that make up the Watch.

Ceramic and Titanium Apple Watch

Ming-Chi Kuo’s prediction that Apple will be revealing a new ceramic model seems to be taking real form. Ceramic was first revealed for the Series 2 in white, then in Series 3 in gray. Up until now there hasn’t been any report about the material making a comeback.

Apple Watch Titanium

Titanium is mostly known on the Apple Card, but it seems that Apple is swayed by the material after years of using aluminum alloys and glass.

What’s unclear is if the new models will be put under the new Apple Watch Series 5 lineup or if they’re case options for the Apple Watch Series 4. The hardware of these new products might be unchanged and that the Cupertino-based firm is just offering more color options for the upcoming holidays.


Samantha Wiley

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