Newest Apple Newsroom highlights NightWare PTSD Apple Watch app

Apple Newsroom recently featured an Apple Watch app that helps those suffering from PTSD get restful sleep.

NightWare is a specially-designed app for the Apple Watch, designed to stave off nightmares associated with post-traumatic stress disorder. The app was approved by the FDA in November 2020 as an approved digital therapeutic solution against nightmares.

Apple Watch

The article profile details the story of Army veteran Robert Guithues, who discovered NightWare in 2018. The veteran mentioned that the app gave him eight hours of sleep on his second night, something that he wasn’t able to do in more than ten years. Guithues also mentioned that he’s had his medication halved as a result.

The Apple Watch app works by using the device’s heart rate sensor gyroscope and accelerometer to ‘sense’ a nightmare. Haptic feedback sends a gentle pulse to the wearer’s wrist to disrupt the nightmare without waking the individual.

NightWare is an all-inclusive kit that features a pre-programmed Apple Watch and iPhone.