Officer explains Apple Watch’s fall detection mechanic on Reddit


A police officer explains how Fall Detection works through Emergency Services to save lives.

Apple Watch’s fall detection

‘Tropicott’ wrote on Reddit how a call gets dispatched when the fall detection feature is activated. He was summoned to the scene after negative callbacks and tried to get someone to answer the door.

He peeked through and opened the door (which was unlocked), went in and heard groaning sounds. He discovered the elderly woman and called Emergency Health Services so they could provide immediate medical attention.

The rest of the thread discussed how other people were saved by the Apple Watch feature.

Fall Detection is a safety mechanic that was added in Apple Watch Series 4 onwards, and is automatically enabled for users who are aged 55 and above. The feature can be turned on for all available Apple Watch models except the Series 3 by going to the iPhone Health app and on Settings.

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