Pregnant woman credits ECG app in saving her life


CBS News recently covered a story about a pregnant woman who said that Apple’s ECG app saved her and her unborn child’s life.

Apple Watch

Jesse Kelly received multiple high heart rate notifications from her Apple Watch a few weeks before she was due. However, Kelly claimed that she wasn’t doing any strenuous activities that would explain the high heart rate. At first, the woman said that she put off the alert, but after the second and third time, she sought help in a hospital.

Doctors then discovered that Kelly had experienced a placenta abruption, which is a pregnancy complication that makes the woman lose blood. Unknowingly, she was already in labor but the doctors acted swiftly and was able to deliver the baby safely.

Kelly said that the Apple Watch saved her life and recommends that ‘everyone should take the device’s medical alerts seriously.’ The woman expressed her gratitude towards the nurses and doctors, as well as the Apple Watch.


Samantha Wiley

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