Report claims Apple moving forward with Apple Watch 3D printing

Bloomberg reported that Apple has begun manufacturing 3D parts for its upcoming Apple Watch model.

In line with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s claims that Apple will use 3D printing for Apple Watch titanium mechanical parts, Bloomberg has reinforced the claim with several edits, notably the use of stainless steel material instead of titanium. Kuo said in July that Apple will use 3D-printed titanium mechanical parts for the yet-unreleased Apple Watch model.

Apple Watch

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg posted on X, saying that the company is undergoing a major shift in products, particularly 3D printing for ‘device bodies.’ He also said that Apple is testing the process in regard to sustainability and speed and will likely do this for the Apple Watch Series 9.

Apple is believed to launch the Apple Watch Series 9 in September. While there’s a small window between adopting a new manufacturing process, the 3D printing parts could likely apply to future Apple Watch models instead.