Get a nice Apple Watch upgrade ahead of Prime Day. The Apple Watch Series 7 45mm GPS is down to just $314 from its original price of $429 on Amazon.

Apple Watch

If you can’t wait for the Apple Watch Series 8 to come this fall, then the latest Apple-branded smartwatch is a great choice. It has a plethora of fitness and health sensors, as well as sleep tracking, ECG and heart rate functions. You also get blood oxygen with the watch model.

The Series 7 has a bigger Retina display that’s always on, and has the hardest crystal screen yet. You can use the smartwatch without worrying about knocks, scratches and dents. It’s also swimproof so you can take a dip or bring it with you while doing vigorous exercise and running.

Customize to your heart’s content with watch faces and corresponding bands and you can mix and match with your outfit or style. Get the discounted Apple Watch Series 7 45mm GPS today!


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