Sport Band Included in Ceramic and Titanium Series 5 Watch

The Apple Watch Series 5 in ceramic and titanium will have a color-matched Sport Band for free.

Titanium watches will come with a gray-colored Sport Band; the Space Black model comes with a darker Sport Band, while the Ceramic will have the white-colored Sport Band, which is then added to what the buyer chooses during the Apple Watch Series 5 purchase.

The freebies aren’t included in the stainless steel and aluminum variants. Extra Sport Bands are sold for $49 per piece. Hermes models will also get the extra Sport Band as well.

Ceramic and Titanium Series 5 Watch

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch Series 5 are now available, and the first orders should arrive in-store and delivered to customers starting September 20, Friday.

The Apple Watch Series 5 comes with hardware improvements, including a speedy S5 chip, 32GB storage and an always-on display. In comparison, the maximum storage for Series 4 models are just 16GB.

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