St. Louis woman saved by her Apple Watch

A local mother has credited her Apple smartwatch, saying how it ‘saved her life’ with multiple low heart rate alerts.

In an interview with KMOV4, Patti Sohn stated how her Apple Watch alerted her of an abnormally low heart rate, which prompted her to go to the hospital and get it checked. Sohn mentioned that she wouldn’t have gone if the smartwatch didn’t prompt her of the anomaly.

The first trip did now reveal any issues, but Sohn was given a dedicated monitoring device. Then, after 4 days she was alerted via her Apple Watch again for having a low heart rate. A second visit resulted in a pacemaker being fit in.

Sohn said how she was given the Apple Watch by her son on Mother’s Day, and that she was thankful for the issue getting noticed before it became worse. Doctors, however warned her that the smartwatch wasn’t a medical device and professional advice from doctors is still the recommended action.

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