Survey reveals Apple Watch most popular brand among upper income teens in US

Piper Sandler has recently revealed a survey that shows the Apple Watch taking the top spot in popularity in the US and among teens.

In the span of a whole year from 2020 to 2021 fall season, smartwatch ownership among teens rose by 30 percent, and 30 percent of them own an Apple Watch. The Cupertino-based company now owns 86% of teen smartwatch ownership.

Apple now unseats Rolex as the most popular brand in upper-income teens. Teens who intended to buy an Apple Watch rose to 15% from 13% during the spring season.

The survey also revealed that 30% of teens work out with a fitness app, with half of them using an iOS app. AirPods claim a dominating 67 percent ownership among teens. In the same vein, around 87% of teens have an iPhone, and 88% of them will want to get the same brand. 20% of them already own an iPhone 12, and it’s expected that 22% will be getting an iPhone 13 this year.

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