The first public beta version of the watchOS 7 is finally out. Those who want to get a taste of the new version can get in Apple’s Public Beta website.

watchOS 7 Public Beta

watchOS 7 has some entirely new features for the Apple Watch, including Sleep Tracking. As per the name, it counts the hours of sleep you’ve had while wearing the watch. There’s also the ‘Wind Down’ feature that helps establish a routine for better rest, and a ‘Sleep Mode’ that dims the watch display and automatically activates the Do Not Disturb option.

In line with current events Apple has added the handwashing feature, which detects the motions and sounds of handwashing and running water and sets a 20 second timer as part of good hygiene practices.

watchOS 7 is available on all Apple Watch models except Series 1 and Series 2. Since it’s a beta users are not recommended to install it on their primary devices.


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