The Apple Watch Offered as Medical Benefit by Devoted Health

Private medicare provider company Devoted Health has begun offering its members Apple Watch models as fitness options. Up to $150 may be used to acquire an Apple Watch, depending on the package you get.

The $150 annual benefit Devoted Health members get can go towards programs, classes and smart wearables, e.g., the Apple Watch as a way for individuals to keep healthy while they’re out and about.

Kenneth Baer, spokesman for Devoted Health states that they’re the first privately owned Medicare provider to collaborate with Apple and offer the Apple Watch. Apple is reported to be speaking with companies like Devoted Health in an effort to subsidize the Apple Watch. Medicare Advantage plans are an untapped market that Apple can leverage to get more people, especially seniors, to use their device.

Other Medicare Advantage services are considering subsidizing the Apple Watch as a benefit, but none have committed to it yet except Devoted Health.

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